ETS bulk packaging and logistics aims at offering professional door to door transportation
solution to customer , minimizing customer’s transportation cost and risk.
Flexitank as the main packing in our supply-chain, is a new type liquid container suitable for
storage and transport non-hazardous liquid.
Flexitank is suitable for railway , road , and ocean transport.
Compared with expensive ISO Tank, drums , it can reduce loading/unloading, packing , material
management and logistics cost massively.

  • Level 1

    · Flexitank Supply
    · Bulkhead and Accessories Supply

  • Level 2

    · Flexitank & Acessories Supply
    · Flexitank Installation
    · Loading Supervision
    · Unloading Supervision
  • Level 3

    · Flexitank &Accessories Supply
    · Flexitank Related Operation Service
    · Door to Door ( port) logistics
    · Customs Clearance
  • Lower Risk

    Risk Control

    Flexitank, as risk product, has leakage possibility.
    Professional Flexitank team with professional flexitank manufacturer, offers professional bulk liquid transportation solution. The integration can minimize customer risk.
    Also , ETS has 7/24 Emergency response system, branch offices in China and overseas, together with agents, providing professional after-sales service and technical support.
  • Lower Cost

    Professional Operation

    Based on over 20 years in forwarder business, ETS has established strategic cooperation with Carriers, trucking and agents globally.
    Professional flexitank and logistics team offers one-stop service, customers don’t need to have operation team, saving management cost.

  • High Efficiency

    Less Communication links

    Customer only needs to inform forwarder their loading plan, all other things, including booking, trucking, flexitank, and ocean freight will be arranged by logistics provider.

  • Food Products

    wine, edible oil, concentrated juice , food additives, sorbitol, palm oil,soy sauce, mineral water, syrup, malt, etc..

  • Industrial Oils

    lubricant, lubricant additives, transformer oil, white oil, tung oil, glycerin, coconut oil, hydraulic fluid, engine oil, castor oil, fatty acid, etc..

  • Non-hazardous Chemical

    plasticizer, synthetic resin, detergent, disinfectants, surfactant, polyol,fertilizer, silicate solution, glycol, saline solution, MEG,polyether,alkylating agent, natural latex, synthetic latex, etc..